People Are Always Doing The Best They Can

Now, You Might Not Agree Here, But Stay With Me. What If Everyone, Including The Most Greedy, Hurtful, And Ill-tempered People On This Planet, Are Doing Their Best At All Times? That Is, Based On Their Experience, Mood, And Beliefs.

They Often Say That Wisdom Comes With Age, And This Can Be Especially True When It Comes To Your Career. Any Creative Field Is Difficult, And Venturing Down The Path To Become The Knowledge And Expertise Gained Can Make You Look Back On Decisions You Made When Just Starting Out With Fresh Eyes.

So, What Would You Say To Yourself If You Could Turn Back Time And Give Yourself Career Advice? This Was The Question We Posed To Six Different Artists Each At Different Phases Of Their Career And Practicing Different Types Of Art. And While Its Not Possible To Go Back To The Past, Their Answers Are A Helpful Way For Burgeoning Artists To Consider What Really Matters When Starting Out. From Sharpening Business Skills To Keeping Motivation High, Here Are Some Lessons They Wont Tell You In School.

If This Statement Is True Or Not, Well Never Know. But, Acting Like It Is Will Save You Time, Energy, And Frustration. Maybe The Slow Waitress Has Severe Sleeping Problems. Maybe The Guy Whos Not Meeting His Deadline Has Family Issues. Maybe The Criminal Had Parents With Drug Problems And The Only Way He Got Attention Was By Breaking Rules And Causing Pain.

We Never Know What Someone Else Is Going Through. We Never Know Their Thoughts, Experiences, Or What Caused Them To Do Something. All We Can Know Is That If We Were In Their Shoes, We Might Do The Same.

Replace Judgment With Curiosity. Use Your Empathy And Try To Imagine Life As The Other Person. Just For A While, Be Them, Act Like Them, And Think Like Them. Things Tend To Look Completely Different From Another Perspective.

  1. You Have To Accept What You Dont Like About Your Life To Move Forward.
    Some Things Are Hard To Accept. Maybe Its A Situation, A Limiting Belief, Or Your Own Or Someone Elses Behavior.

For A Long Time I Tried To Ignore The Fact That I Didnt Like My Job. I Tried To Numb My Feelings By Focusing On Party Weekends, Alcohol, And Friends. But, I Was Never Able To Create Change By Pushing Away What I Didnt Want. It Just Gave More Power To The Unwanted. Eventually, I Had No Other Option But To Accept What I Felt. To Realize That It Was Okay Not To Feel Satisfied Where I Was.

Once I Had Accepted What Was, I Was Able To Change It. Then I Could Paint Out An Ideal Situation And Take Small Steps Forward In That Direction.

Work With What Is See Things Exactly As They Are And Then Act.

  1. You Matter Immensely.
    You Do. And Knowing It To Be True Will Make You A Better Person. You Matter To Those Around You, To The Society You Live In, And To This World.

Not One Person Has The Same Set Of Interests, Skills, And Experience As You. Your Talents, Curiosities, And Qualities Arent Random I Believe They Were Given To You For A Reason.

Put Them To Use. Let The World See What You Re Capable Of. Let Others Take Part Of Your Gifts And Caring. When You Thrive, You Give Permission For Others To Do The Same. Playing Small Or Staying Stuck In Worries Or Fears Serves No One.

Act, Speak, And Believe That You Matter Immensely Because You Do.

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