[News] The Man Who Used His Only Daughter And Wife For Money Rituals

Things will not stop happening in this life, so many people will do anything just to make money, the love of money is the root of all evil, money is sweet to spend and eat but how to make the money is always the problem.

The is nothing we acquire in this life that will follow us to the land of the death, that’ s why in anything we do we must be very careful.

This man looking so sad and down confessed of how his love for money made him to kill and sacrifice his wife and only daughter.

According to the young man he was leaving a very happy life with his family in ghana but the only thing that spoilt his life was lack of money, he couldn’ t pay bills, buy food or even pay his house rent.

He did all kind of business but none worked out for him meanwhile his age mate and friends were making it big in life.

According to this young man he couldn’ t bear it anymore but to move ahead and ask his friends how the are doing it, but the first advice his friend gave to him was that he should come and join their club neither did he know that the club wasn’ t a good one.

The man by name Jeremiah James joined a secret Cult according to him which gave him money that didn’ t last, he was told by the society to sacrifice his only daughter and wife which he did just to get money.

Problem started for Jeremiah when the wife’ s family went to investigate the sudden death of their daughter and the sudden wealth he hard the discovered that the man used his wife and daughter for money Rituals.

He was reported to the police which lead to his arrest.

The man cried out bitterly saying he has regretted doing such, according to the man he missed his daughter and wife and wished he didn’ t kill them.

The wife’ s family head at the police station expressed total anger and disappointment over his inlaw which he tag to be a very wicked and heartless man.

Know matter the situations one faces in life money Rituals is never the option because it can never be free.

Satan will naver give you something freely.

The man is currently in the police custody awaiting trial.

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