Life Without Friends

Life Without Friends
Did You Ever Think On How Often You Live Your Life
Does You Life Follow The Good Path
Do You Play Your Own Good Rules In Life Always?

You Own Yourself No One Own You In Everything You Always Do
At-least You Too Also Have To Figure Things And Understand Is Your Life Not Everyone Life

When I Was Teenage Age I Always Thought That Life Would Be Easy But I Was Wrong
What You Want Is Not What You Are Expecting
You Do This The Say That
You Do That The Said This Just Being Control By Some Rules
Actually Its Life But Coming To Think Of It
Everything Is Within Me I Chose To Make Friends And Chose Not To
I Use To Hide And Lock Myself Inside Room Just To Avoid Others
Making Friends Was Never My Plans

Although There Is Book To Study Use The Other One Just To Learn And Entertained Myself Also Read Holly Books
I Rather Be Along Than Being With People Who Don’t Even Think About Doing Good Making Others Happy
Mom Dad Also Cousin Everyone Always Being Complain About The Way I Live

But I Always Asking Myself This Why Am I Always Be Anonymous To Friends Also People Who Are Close To
I Know People Are Different We Are Not All The-same But The Fact Is
We Need To Stay Connected To Each Others
But I Rather Not Because To Me Is Waste Of Time That’s What I Always Think

If You Like Stay Connected, Or Don’t Stay Connected, Its The Same Thing
The Choices We Made Or We Make In Our Every Day Life Are What Keeps Us Alive, And Got Us Moving Forward
You Can Decide To ,make Friends You Can Decide Not To Have Any Friends At All Just You And Your Family

You See, Having Friends Or Trying To Connect Is Not A Bad Idea At All, Its Just That Not Trying To Over Connect With The Society
Is Way Better. Because In Life There Are Different People With Different Motive, Thinking, Destiny And Different Way In Which They Live Their Life
Sometimes Connecting With People Is Cool, Because It Can Change You Or Teach You
It Depends On The Kind Of People You Are Connected With Or Connected To

How You Treat Them And How They Treat You
How You Handle Issue And How Loyal, Honest,truthful You Are
You See, Life Give You Back What You Gave It,
It Treats You Just Same Way You Treated It
How You Live Your Life, Is Determined By You
You Can Choose To Live An Isolated Life, You Can Also Choose To Live A Connected Life
You Know, Having People You Trust, Sharing Ideas, Problems, And Finding Solutions Together

That’s On Good Thing With Connecting With People
You Will Get To Live Or Work Together Probable As One Family
But It Depends On The Kind Of People You Are Associated With In Life
Chose Well, You Will Live Well

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