Ignorance Is The Biggest Problem

Ignorance Is The World’s Biggest Problem,the Devil Is Being Blamed For Every Misfortune.

Humans Are Just Like The Devil
Humans Don’t Think As Well! The Only Things The Think Is The Things Of The World
Which That’s Always Bad Things!

The Question Is, Humans Have One Thing And In That The Have Two Things

Which Is The Thought= Good And Bad

Unfortunately Most People Choose The Bad Which Caused Them Pain And Little Happiness At The End The Blame The Devil
While The Forgetting The Are The One With The Thought, So The May Decide Which One Suit Them, Instead For Them To Choose Good The Stand For Bad

One Thing Humans Need To Know And Understand Is Their Own Problem Is Within They Self
Yes We All Know God Exit
And There’s Someone Against Him Which Is The Devil Humans Always Blame For.

Unfortunately Same As You Have A Computer And Your Data The Only Things That Stand Against Your Computer And The File Is The Virus

Your Computer Can’t Just Make Virus Within Himself And It Can’t Except You Put USB Virus

When You Put USB Drive Virus Or Any Harmful Things!
When You By Yourself Put The Virus
Your Computer Start Misbehaving
Your Computer Start Making Things The Way You Don’t Expect It

Don’t Forget
You Are The One Who Make The Choice
To Put The Virus One Your Own Computer,

So Who Are Going To Blame
You Or The Virus Or The Computer? Unfortunately You Can Blame The Computer For Not Rejected The Virus
Oh Oh But You Didn’t Activate Any Anti Virus
Or I Guess You Did But Your Antivirus Wasn’t Cleaver Strong Enough To Reject Things Or Delete The Virus

Same As Humans. Humans Already Know Good And The Bad

Good Cause Them Nothing Except Good

Bad Also Cause Noting Except Bad

This Sounds Same As Good=god

God Is Good Devil Is Bad
Unfortunately In This Century Humans Believe Devil Is The Key To Happiness

Yes Bad Is The Key But At The End You Will Regret

For Making Wrong Choice

So I Guess Humans Create Their Own Problem And Blame Someone Called Devil

While The Still Forget That The Same Person The Blame Is In Their Thought Which Is The Bad

The Devil Is Always Being Blamed For Every Misfortune. Why ,? Because All Books Mark Devil As The Cause Of Everything In Earth

Everything The Would Be Saying Devil Course It , Said Devil Is The Cause Of Everything

Ok If You Sin In Earth You Said The Devil Cause It

When You Die And Face Judgement

God Won’t Judge The Devil

He Will Judge You Because You Are The Main Person Who Did Wrong
Because You Choose On Doing The Bad Instead Of Good

Humans Need To Make Their Own Choice As Good Not Bad

Figure It Out And Ask Yourself If I Always Do Good And Avoid Bad The Wouldn’t I Be Rewarded At The End

What If There’s Nothing Like Books In This World Who Will The Blame

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